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The CFL is back in action with a full schedule for this 2024 season. The 2024 regular season will begin on June 6th and will run until October 26th, with the playoffs taking place in November and the 111th Grey Cup scheduled for November 17th in Vancouver.

Football in general is a great game to bet on and the quick scoring and unpredictability of CFL games make them perfect for betting entertainment.

This page is meant to act as a beginners guide to betting on the CFL. I will look at our top rated betting site for Canadians, follow up with some popular CFL wagers you can make on games throughout the season and finish with a simple 3 step guide to help you get started placing CFL bets online.

Best CFL Betting Site for Canadians

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See Website For Details Review Visit is our top rated betting site for wagering on CFL football here in Canada. They offer fair odds and a wide range of bets on each game. They are entirely focused on the Canadian market and this results in great customer service, better deposit/withdrawal options for Canadians, and a lot of CFL bet offerings.

Popular CFL Betting Options

There are three main bets that receive the majority of action from CFL bettors each game. These include the point spread, money line, and over/under bets. I will break them down in detail below so you know exactly what you’re betting on.

Point Spread

With the point spread, the underdog is basically being spotted points by the oddsmaker. The favourite has to win by more than the spread number, while the underdog has to either win the game outright or lose by fewer than the spread. Let’s look at an example from Sports Interaction using the first game of the 2024 CFL season:

In this example the Blue Bombers are 6.5 point favourites. This is indicated by the (-) next to the 6.5 on their point spread number. For a spread bet on the Bombers to payout they would need to win by 7 or more points.

On the flip side, the Alouettes are 6.5 point underdogs as indicated by the (+). For a spread bet on the Alouettes to payout they can either win the game or lose by 6 or fewer points.

Money Line

With the money line you’re betting on which team is going to win the game straight up. When betting on the favourite you would win less from the same bet, than when betting on the underdog.

Continuing with the same example, we already know that the Blue Bombers are favourites. If you wanted to bet on the Bombers to win the game outright a $100 wager would payout $133, as indicated by the decimal odds of 1.33 (100 x 1.33 = $133).

If you went with the underdog Alouettes though, a $100 wager would payout $340 if they pulled off the upset. (100 x 3.40 = $340).


The over/under, also known as the total, is another popular bet and it has nothing to do with which team wins the game. Instead you’re betting on the total number of points that will be scored in the game by both teams combined.

In this example the oddsmaker has set the total for the game at 47.5. You can bet the over if you think 48 or more points will be scored, and you can bet the under if you think 47 or fewer points will be scored.

Bet On The CFL From Canada – 3 Steps

Now that you’re familiar with the popular CFL bets you can make, let’s get you actually placing them. Follow these three steps to go from opening a sportsbook account to actually clicking “Place Bet” on your first CFL wager.

Step 1. Join

Click the above link, click ‘Register Here’ on the landing page, and fill out the short form to open your account.

As I mentioned above, Sports Interaction is our top rated betting site for Canadians. Check out our full review here.

Step 2. Deposit Funds

After logging into your new account click on the ‘Deposit’ button in the top right corner. Select your preferred deposit method from the list and follow the instructions to finish your deposit.

Sports Interaction accepts Interac (recommended), Visa, MasterCard, Online Banking, and paysafecard deposits.

Step 3. Place Your CFL Bets

To find the betting lines for your first CFL bet at, click on ‘Sports’ from the top menu bar and select ‘Football’ from the Top Sports menu. Then select ‘CFL’ from the Top Events menu on the Football page to see the betting lines for upcoming games.

Select the wager you want and it will be added to your ‘Bet Slip’. Next, you should enter your Total Stake amount and this will show your Potential Payout.

If you’re satisfied with the wager, go ahead and click ‘Place Bet’. That’s it, you’ve made your first CFL wager online.

Check out our football betting page for more information about betting on football in general, and our guide for a few helpful articles for beginners.

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