Welcome to the How To Guide section of  In this section I’ve added a wide variety of “how to” articles looking at various aspects of betting online.  I will continue to add more articles here in the future, so check back often.

How To Guide For Betting Online (Beginner)

How To Read Sports Betting Odds – Before you start betting on sports online you need to know how to read and understand sports betting odds.  The odds are what determine the risk vs reward, which is essentially what a bet is.  This page explains each of the three types of sports betting odds (decimal, American, fractional) and explains them in an easy to understand manner using several examples.  This is a must read for new bettors.

How Parlay Bets Work – I have found that Canadians in particular tend to enjoy parlay bets.  This page will break down what a parlay bet is and how to find the “parlay odds” for a multiple selection parlay wager.  I use plenty of examples to help make parlay betting easy to understand.

How Round Robin Bets Work – Round robin bets are simply smaller parlay bets made from a list of bets. This page will provide examples of round robin bets using three bet selections and four selections, while also outlining when you should consider using round robin bets rather than a large parlay.

How Each-Way Bets Work – Many online betting veterans still don’t know what each-way betting is.  This page aims to change that by breaking down exactly what an each-way bet is, what the each-way betting terms mean and how you can use each-way bets to your advantage.

How 3-Way Bets Work – 3-way bets, also known as 1×2, full time result or regulation time result bets, are popular wagers for any sporting event where a draw is possible.  On this page I outline what a 3-way bet is and provide examples in both soccer and hockey.

How Double Chance Bets Work – Similar to 3-way bets, except you are betting on two of the three potential outcomes in the same wager. On this page I break down what a double chance bet is, provide an example, and look at how you can calculate whether to bet the Double Chance odds or two single 3-way wagers.

How Draw No Bet Wagers Work – A bet on an event with 3 outcomes where you are wagering on a side to win the match, but where the bet is void (wager returned) if the match ends in a draw. On this page I explain what a Draw No Bet is in detail and outline how to calculate whether to bet the Draw No Bet odds or split the wager between two single 3-way bets.

Basic Sports Betting Tips (Intermediate)

How To Manage Your Sports Betting Bankroll – There are a lot of sharp bettors out there who can never maintain a profit betting on sports due to poor bankroll management.  In this article I provide you with two simple rules, which if you follow will allow a sharp bettor to avoid ever going broke betting on sports.

Payment Method Guides

How To Bet With Interac – Interac e-Transfer is the easiest to use deposit/withdrawal option for Canadians. Interac is fast, simple, and secure, making it our recommended method to fund your sportsbook accounts and cash out your winnings.

How To Bet With Visa – VISA is the most popular payment method used by Canadians. The majority of our recommended betting sites accept Visa credit card, debit card, and prepaid card deposits.

How To Bet With MasterCard – MasterCard is another popular payment card used in Canada. This is a similar page as the VISA one, but with a focus on MasterCard deposits and withdrawals.

How To Bet On Sports In Canada – By Location

Here you can find some location specific (province or city) pages where I provide simple 3 step guides to get started betting for those local residents. I also touch on the different betting options available in those areas, and the common questions about betting those residents may have.