How To Bet On Basketball In Canada

Basketball popularity here in Canada has grown in recent years.  The Raptors continue to put a competitive team on the floor, and although they aren’t in the super team category, they have consistently made the playoffs over the past half decade and have started to get some playoff round wins in recent years as well.  Canada Basketball is also in great hands internationally with some very solid young guns such as Andrew Wiggins, Jamal Murray and Nik Stauskas all getting a few NBA seasons under their belts, while Canadian phenom RJ Barrett, who just lead Canada to the U19 World Cup Championships as a 17 year old, expected to be the top pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.  The future is bright for Canadian basketball.

On this page I will provide you with all of the information necessary to start placing basketball bets online.  I’ve started off by outlining the best betting sites for Canadians, and followed that up by breaking down the most popular types of basketball bets offered at these sites.  At the bottom of the page I’ve included a 3 step guide that you can follow to place your first online basketball bet within minutes.

Where To Bet On Basketball From Canada

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These are the three betting sites with significant presence here in Canada.  Each of the sites are reputable, respected, trustworthy and focused on growing their Canadian player base.

Check out any of the reviews above for a full breakdown of the betting site including the bonuses, betting options, banking options, customer service and more.

Different Basketball Betting Options

There are three main bets that get the vast majority of handle in a basketball game.  The point spread, money line and over/under bets.  I will break each of these down in detail below and provide examples.

Point Spread

The point spread bets generally get the most action on an NBA basketball game.  In a point spread game the oddsmakers set a spread and the favoured team must win by more than the spread, while the underdog must either win the game outright or lose by fewer points than the spread.  Let’s look at an example:

This example has the Bulls heading to Toronto to face the Raptors.  In this game the Raptors are big 13 point favourites, as you can see under the ‘PointSpread’ header at SIA.  The +13 indicates that the Bulls must either win the game outright or lose by fewer than 13 points to beat the spread.  For a Raptors spread bet to win they must win the game by 14 or more points.

Both sides of the spread have equal odds of 1.91, which means a $100 bet would win $91.  The odds can vary, but you will usually see 1.91 (aka -110 in American odds) for basketball spreads.  Check out our sports betting odds page if you don’t understand how to read the odds.

Money Line

With a money line bet you are wagering on which team will win the game straight up.  The oddsmakers set the odds based on each teams perceived chances of winning the game.

Continuing with the Bulls vs Raptors example, you can see that the Raptors are fully expected to win the game.  The Raptors odds of 1.10 to win the game indicate that you would only win $10 on a $100 bet.  On the flip side, the Bulls are being given almost no chance with a $100 bet on the Bulls paying out $805 if they pull off the upset.


The third main bet offering on a basketball game is the over/under (aka the total).  The oddsmaker will set a total number of points to be scored in the game (by both teams combined) and you can wager on whether there will be more or fewer points scored.

In the Bull vs Raptors game the over/under is set at 208 points.  If 209 or more points are scored in the game then the over bet would be a winner, while if 207 or fewer points are scored the under would be the winner.  If 208 points exactly are scored then the bets would “push” and the wagers refunded.

How To Place Your First Basketball Bet

Follow this simple 3 step guide to place your first online basketball bet within 5 minutes.

Step #1. Open an Online Betting Account

Our top rated betting site for Canadians is, so I will be using them as the sign up example for the remainder of the guide, but you can read the reviews of each of the 3 sportsbooks we recommended above and select the site you like the best.

I’ve used Sports Interaction for the example screenshots above.

Click here to visit  Then select ‘Bet Now’ on our exclusive landing page and fill in the short registration form to create your account.

Step #2. Deposit

Next you will need to deposit to fund your account.  Sports Interaction accepts, Visa, MasterCard, Interac, iDebit, MuchBetter and paysafecard deposits.  So you should no trouble getting your money into or out of your Sports Interaction account.

Step #3. Place Your Basketball Bets

Alright, now comes the fun part.  Actually placing your basketball bets.

Once at the Sports Interaction website, select ‘Basketball’ from the left sidebar and then select the league you want to bet on.  In the screenshot below I’ve selected ‘NBA’ which you can see has brought up the games available for betting in the NBA that evening.

As you can see in this screenshot, the Bulls vs Raptors game I was using as an example is the featured game at the top of the list. You can scroll down that page to find all of the other NBA games for the evening.

If you look at the right side of the screenshot you can see the ‘Bet Card’.  After you’ve made your betting selection it will move the bet card where you will enter your bet amount and confirm the wager.  In the screenshot above I’ve select the Raptors -13 spread bet with odds of 1.91.  You can see my bet amount of $100 and Bet Payout of $190.91.  To confirm that wager I would just need to click the ‘Place Bet’ button, which is just outside of the screenshot.

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