About Us

We are a team of Canadians based in Ottawa who have a passion for sports and sports betting.  We decided to develop and launch this website as a “how to guide” for Canadians interested in betting on sports online.

Sports betting has really taken off in Canada over the past few years, with sports betting now becoming the norm in our society.  You now see TSN or Sportsnet outlining the odds for match-ups and commentators giving their betting picks on prime time television.  This simply didn’t happen a decade ago, and this shift in the culture has resulted in a lot of Canadians making the move to sports betting online.  Because of this influx of new players we felt there was a real need for a basic sports betting information site geared towards Canadians wanting to learn how to bet online.  HowToBet.ca was created to ease the transition to betting online and hopefully answering any “how to” sports betting questions Canadians may have.

We are trying to make the jump to betting online as simple as possible for Canadians, and this is why we only recommend three betting sites, each of which are recognized sites among Canadians, and sites that are committed to providing a great experience for Canadian bettors.

The site will be updated consistently with how to guides for betting on various sports and events that are of interest to Canadians, so check back often.

If you have any questions or feedback about the website, team or betting online in general drop us an email.  All of that info is on our contact page.