How To Bet On Sports In Alberta

Sports betting is booming in Canada. Sports betting as an industry has moved into the mainstream with betting lines and picks becoming a popular feature on many Canadian sports shows. Any negative stigma that used to be attached to sports betting has vanished, and it’s becoming the norm for Alberta residents to have a betting account.

If you found this page it probably means you’re ready to place a wager. Follow the three steps below to get your bet placed at one of our recommended betting sites for Albertans. I will touch on more Alberta sports betting related questions below the guide.

Bet On Sports From Alberta – 3 Step Guide

Complete these three steps to get your bets placed online from anywhere in Alberta.

Step 1. Open An Online Betting Account

First things first. You will need to join an online betting site that accepts Alberta residents.

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All three of our recommended betting sites are popular and trusted among Canadian bettors. is our #1 rated site for Alberta residents. They are entirely focused on the Canadian betting market and this shows through in their A+ customer service, Canadian deposit/withdrawal options not available elsewhere, and exclusive promos for Canadians.

Click here to visit Click the ‘Open Account’ button on the landing page and complete the sign up form to open your account.

Step 2. Deposit

You will have to deposit the funds you want to bet. After logging into your SIA account click the green ‘Deposit’ button. Choose your preferred deposit method (Visa, MasterCard, Interac, etc) and follow the instructions to fund your account.

Step 3. Bet

You’re now ready to place your bets!

Click ‘Sports’ from the top menu bar and navigate to the bet you want to place (sport, league, bet type, etc). Select the odds you want to bet on, enter your risk amount on the Bet Card in the right sidebar, and click ‘Place Bet’ to lock in your wager.

It’s that easy. If you still have questions about placing a bet check out our guide section and definitely read our betting odds explained page to fully understand your risk vs reward.

Offline Sports Betting

Alberta does have an offline betting option with Sport Select, but it does come with a wide variety of issues.

Sport Select

Sport Select is the umbrella term for the sports betting lottery operated by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation. The main game offered through Sport Select for Alberta residents is Proline.

Basically with Proline you can bet on sports by going into any WCLC outlet (convenience store, gas station, etc), filling out a Proline ticket and paying for it at the cash. Sport Select is an offline betting option for Alberta residents, but there are some HUGE issues with Sport Select, and Proline in particular, that in my opinion are predatory in nature.

The first major problem with Proline in Alberta is the odds. On a betting line with a 50/50 outcome (an over/under bet for example) the odds on either outcome are 1.70 with Proline. The odds at an online betting site are typically 1.91 on either side of a 50/50 proposition. When I saw the 1.70 when researching this page I was actually shocked. This is far worse than the 1.80 offered on both sides by the Ontario Proline, and I thought that was bad. The odds are terrible, to the point of exploiting Alberta residents who bet through Proline.

The second issue is that you must bet on at least 3 outcomes in a parlay wager on each ticket. This requirement extrapolates the awful odds and you end up with a parlay bet that would win close to double betting online.

Some quick math: $10 on a 3-team 50/50 parlay through Proline wins $39.13. The same $10 3-team parlay made at a betting site wins $59.68. This difference would grow even faster if you added more picks to the parlay.

Overall, I would strongly advise against betting through Proline in Alberta. The game is called a “lottery” in the province for a reason and the odds are predatory. Make the jump to betting online and see your money go much further.

Alberta Casinos Sports Betting

There is currently no sports betting available at Alberta casinos.

The casinos in Alberta offer slots, table games, poker rooms and horse racing, but they are not allowed to take sports bets.

Alberta Racetracks

  • Century Downs Racetrack, Rocky View
  • Century Mile Racetrack, Nisku

Century Downs and Century Mile are the two “A-level” horse racing venues in Alberta. Century Downs is in the Calgary area, while Century Mile is located next to the Edmonton International Airport.

Both tracks are attached to casinos and offer live horse racing, and simulcast betting for horse races from across North America. I would recommend both tracks for anyone who enjoy betting on horses.

Alberta Sports Betting FAQ

Below I will answer a couple questions I often get from Alberta residents.

Can I Bet With Visa or MasterCard?

Yes, you can deposit via credit card at all three of our recommended betting sites.

Can I Bet With Interac e-Transfer?

Yes, SportsInteraction accepts Interac e-Transfers for both deposits and withdrawals. I personally use this method for both deposits and withdrawals at SIA. It’s instant, easy, and you don’t get dinged with any “cash advance” fees from a credit card deposit. is the only one of our three recommended betting sites that offers Interac e-Transfers. And any other sites that I’ve seen accept it as a deposit option, do not also offer it for withdrawals. Interac is a huge reason to use SIA in my opinion.

What Pro Sports Teams Play In Alberta?

  • Calgary Flames (NHL)
  • Calgary Stampeders (CFL)
  • Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)
  • Edmonton Oilers (NHL)

Alberta is a hockey province that is home to two NHL teams, both of which are very competitive at the moment. Both Edmonton and Calgary also feature pro football teams, with the CFL also being very popular in the province.