How To Bet On 2023 Tour de France from Canada

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The 2023 edition of the Tour de France is set to begin this Saturday July 1st, with the race finishing up at the Champs-Élysées in Paris on July 23rd.  Jonas Vindegaard and Tadej Pogacar are the co-favourites to win the General Classification this year. Vindegaard won last years Tour de France, while Pogacar won in 2021 and 2020.

The Tour de France is the premier cycling race in the world, and the only one that receives main stream media coverage here in Canada.

On this page I will outline the best betting site for betting on the Tour de France, touch on some of the various bets you can make on the race, and provide a simple 3 step guide to help you quickly and easily place your Tour de France bets online.

Best Tour de France Betting Site

Sportsbook Rating Offers Review Visit
See Website for Details Review Visit is our top rated betting site for Canadians looking to bet on the 2023 Tour de France.  Bet365 offers an easy to use betting platform with a huge selection of betting options for all sports including cycling.  There are a wide variety of different bets you can make on the Tour de France race.

Tour de France Betting Options

There are several bets you can make on the Tour de France race.  The most popular bet is wagering on which rider will win the race outright, but you can also bet on match-ups between riders, winners of various classifications, stage winners, and top 10 finishes.

To Win Outright

This is the most straight forward betting option on the race.  You are betting on the rider to finish the final stage of the Tour de France with the yellow jersey.  Jonas Vingegaard, last years winner, is a slight favourite over Tadej Pogacar, who won the General Classification the previous two Tours. After these two riders there is a significant lengthening of the odds.


Bet365 has also provided a variety of head-to-head rider match-ups that you can bet on.  For example you can wager on Tadej Pogacar vs Jonas Vingegaard.  Whichever rider finishes the entire race in the shorter amount of time would win the bet.

You can also place match-up bets for each stage in the race.  As well as place match-up bets for different classifications such as Young Rider, King of the Mountains or Points.

To Win Stage

Each individual stage will also have it’s own odds to win.  With different riders having different skill sets you can find an edge betting on specific riders who you expect to perform well in certain stages.

To Win Classification

You can bet on the outright winner in the Points Classification, Young Rider Classification and King of the Mountains.  These are basically races within the race that some riders will be focused on.

Bet On The Tour de France from Canada – 3 Step Guide

Follow these three steps to place your Tour de France bets online at Bet365.

Step 1. Open a Account

Click the above link, select ‘Bet Now’ and then click on the ‘Join’ link in the top right corner of the screen to open your account.

Bet365 is our top rated site for betting on the Tour de France.  When I checked they had the most betting options for the race of our recommended sportsbooks for Canadians, and the odds were fair.

Step 2. Deposit

After logging into your account click on the ‘Deposit’ button in the top right corner of the screen.  Select your preferred payment method from the drop down menu and follow the instructions to make your deposit.  Check out our Bet365 review for a further breakdown of the deposit options.

Step 3. Place Your Tour de France Bets

Click on ‘Sports’ from the top navigation menu on the Bet365 website and then select ‘Cycling’ from the left sidebar.  This will bring up all of the betting options available for the Tour de France race.

Next select the betting option you want to wager on (to win outright for example) and select the bet you want to make.  Next you will have to enter your risk amount on the Bet Slip and click ‘Place Bet’ to confirm your wager.

It’s that easy.  Are you ready to bet on the Tour de France?  Click here to visit

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